Using Movement to get Better Fights

As a Solo PVPer, one of the biggest challenges you face is finding "Good Fights" that give you the opportunity to succeed.

You are aware of the fact that many of your fights will involve being blobbed, ECMed, Neuted, or some other injustice.

You know EVE Blobbers avoid risk and instead favor easy (and boring) blobbing and ECM.

But not you! You like a challenge and you enjoy pushing yourself and your ship to the very limits. You are a Solo PVPer!

So how do you increase your ratio of Good Fights to Bad Fights?


The Strategy of Movement both encourages your opponents to fight on your terms (at a disadvantage), but also discourages you from taking fights on their terms(putting you at a disadvantage).

It's all about Stimulus and Response. EVE Blobbers are predictable and by giving them the proper stimulus you can shape their response!

When you stop in a system and spend too much time trying to get kills(getting greedy), you are giving your opponents the time to counter you and give you a bad fight.

But, if you move through quickly, perhaps getting a quick kill as you pass, you are changing your opponents response.


You are flying a long route through Null Sec when you come across a small camp in your MJD Hull Tanked Brutix.  They have a Svipul, Malediction, and a HAM Drake.

Your split second decision is to hit keep at 100km on the Drake and then lock up the two smaller ships while MWDing away to stretch them out.

The Malediction keeps up with you easily and is orbiting at 20km with long point on you.

The Svipul however is too fast and it gets a Scram on you before you can distance your self from the Drake.

You quickly Scram, Web, and Engage the Svipul and after a few moments of poor tracking you start melting him and he explodes.

You see some ships popping up on D-Scan and decide it's time to leave, so you align to a cluster of Belts and hit the MJD.

The Drake and Malediction are both long points, so you MJD 100km away as a few more ships land on grid.

In this situation you could stick around and try to isolate targets on gate or by warping in at 100km, but the longer you stay the more time they have to get ships to counter you. They know you have a MJD and are bringing Scramming Cruisers and Energy Neuting ships from their home system one jump over.

So instead you quickly start moving away from their system jump after jump.

They see this and have to change their response. Now if they want revenge (and they do want revenge), they will have to send smaller ships to catch up to you.

A few jumps later a Sabre catches you, but the Cruisers are all a Jump and a Warp away, giving you 20-30 seconds of time alone with the Sabre. So you quickly kill the Sabre, burn out of the bubble and warp away to a safe spot.

Movement encourages you to create situations like this where you force your opponents to make a decision... Chase at a disadvantage or give up.

The better you get at predicting and then taking advantage of your opponents reactions the easier it will get to create Good Fights.

I discuss this and more plus use some amazing art work in my new video about Movement below...

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