Warp to Moons – Lesson Interrupted Solo PVP Guide

I've got a list of videos and articles that I want to make sitting beside my monitor that constantly add to and scratch off as I complete them. This video about Warping to Moons and using Moons as align outs during PVP has been one that I've made and remade more times than I can count.

For some reason every time I tried to make this video I get interrupted by a big fleet or a good fight. So when the lesson was interrupted this time I decided to just "go with it" and see what happened.

The results was the original lesson and some unexpected lessons on Gate Crashing, Target Isolation, and Disengagement.

The basics here are:

  1. Alt+Shift+X brings up Moon Brackets so you can see them in space to align to and warp to.
  2. Many times the best align out is a moon.
  3. In fights where you plan to run away from gate and create a "Straight Line Fight" like I teach in my PVP Guides, moons are ideal warp to point because most lazy F1 Fleet PVPers don't have them up and/or don't know how to bring them up.

Personally, I think the interruption made the video even better.

Here it is:

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