Ask Abbadon Ep1: Camera Zoom and Spiraling In

To help streamline my ability to get you as much valuable educational resources as possible, I'm looking into ideas for different Series style videos that will be regular feature. This means weekly or biweekly series'.

The first idea I had was a Q&A deal called "Ask Abbadon" where I address questions I receive on the forum, by email, or on YouTube.

If you like this, let me know. Also, if you have ideas or questions, post them in the comments.

This first episode focuses on a question I received in the Forum about Camera Zoom, Manual Piloting, and Spiraling. I cover these with some of my glorious MS Paint art and a cool solo PVP video of me flying the Dual Rep Myrmidon.

Three Pillars of PVP

The lesson here, is that new pilots shouldn't pay too much attention to trendy topics they hear people talking about. Instead they should focus on the Three Core Pillars of PVP which are:

  1. Preparation
  2. Plan
  3. Execution

Preparation is your Fitting and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your ship.

Plan is which ships you plan to fight or avoid. Then what tactics you will use to setup fights, and the tactics you will use during fights.

Execution is how well you execute the plan. As a result, this also means maintaining good Situational Awareness and being able to adapt to surprises.

These Three Pillars will be the topic of a large article in the near future. Realize that these are more important than little trendy topics.

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