Website Maintenance

I updated the PHP Version for this Website and predictably it broke everything. I am in the process of fixing it, however there may be problems I don't see, so if you come across an error or video that doesn't work let me know.

The ISK Guide has been updated to work, however all other paid guides are broken. Fixing them is tedious because I have to remake every single page one by one. I will grind it out and get them back up here.

Glad the guides are still helping so many people despite their age. Thanks for supporting this website.

UPDATE 4/19/20:

The Ninja Pilgrim Guide is fixed and working. So is the ISK Guide. Will get another done tomorrow.

UPDATE 4/20/20:

The Wolf Guide has been fixed.

The SFI Guide has been fixed.

The Hurricane Guide has been fixed.

UPDATE 5/3/20:

Shield Boosting Guide has been fixed.

My other business has been busy so I haven't had time to fix the last few. I think it's just the Brutix and Frigate Guide left now. Hopefully those are done in the next week.

UPDATE 6/26/20:

Brutix Guide is fixed and working. That just leaves the Frigate Guide. I left it for last because it's the biggest. If you need access let me know and I will make it my priority.

UPDATE 7/2/2020:

Frigate Guide is fixed. Everything on the website should be working 100% now. Let me know if you see any broken pages or links.

About the author

In 2010 Abbadon21 was the first person to create Narrated Instructional PVP videos for EVE Online. This started a new era of EVE Online and opened up high level "PRO" PVP to everyone. Abbadon21 is also the Founder of, which is EVE Online's oldest and most trusted source for high quality PRO Guides.