Using Energy Neutralizers Effectively

Energy Neuts are an extremely powerful weapon in PVP. They can completely shut down enemy ships and when used right, one neuting ship can change to outcome of a large battle.

In this video you will be learning the Mechanics of energy neutralizers as well as some tips for how to use them to maximum effectiveness. Most people don't realize it but 2 neuts operated with this trick will be far more powerful than without. You can't just turn on your neuts and forget about them, how you run them has a large impact on their effectiveness.

Energy Neutralizers have the following cycle times:

  • Small = 6 seconds
  • Medium = 12 seconds
  • Large = 24 seconds

The time in between those cycles is time your enemy is regenerating their capacitor and time they are keeping you tackled, or hurting your ship. By staggering your neuts so that they are evenly spaced across the cycle time you can keep your targets capacitor at zero and deny him the use of any of his cap dependent modules.

Watch this Video PVP Lesson to learn more:

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