Updates to EVE Pro Guides

After the very successful launch of the new SFI Pro Guide, it's time to make some changes to EVE Pro Guides so that it can grow a little faster. These are relatively minor changes but hopefully they will lead to more new guides, free content, and a overall better user experience.



ISK for Guides

First of all, I have decided to start accepting ISK for guides. Up until now I turned down the many offers I had from people to buy the Guides for ISK because for one I didn't really need the ISK and two I was unsure if the EULA allowed it. However, after consulting some people smarter than me about that type of stuff, it appears the EULA allows it. With a precedent being people paying ISK in game to take PVP Training courses, paying ISK to Blink to play their sweepstakes, etc.

You may be asking... Why are you accepting ISK now if you don't really need it?

The answer to that is the next topic, which is that I will be hiring writers and video makers and paying them ISK to create new guides, articles, and other awesome content for the site. End result... More cool stuff!

BUT... At first the amount of orders taken via ISK will be limited on a month to month basis. Only 5-10 orders will be accepted at first.

Here's how it works...

All Guide prices are based on the current price of a PLEX in Jita. So that's about 520 million ISK right now. Each PLEX costs 15 dollars, so you can use that as a way to convert ISK to Dollars and back. So...

520 / 15 = 34.67 Million ISK to each dollar

The SFI PRO Guide is $19, to get the price in ISK you just multiply that by 34.67 to get 658 Million ISK.

To order a guide via ISK follow these steps:

  1. Send me an Email at Abbadon@eveproguides.com and tell me which guide you want
  2. I will get back to you within 24 hours and tell you if I am still accepting ISK orders
  3. You will send the ISK to Abbadon21 in game (double check spelling) and Email me saying you paid, which guide you bought, and the Username you would like to use
  4. I will create your account and email you the details so you can access your guide

NOTE: This process will take 24-72 hours due the need for back and forth emails and manual account setup.


Work For EVE PRO Guides

This is still under development but if you would like to get paid to write articles, create videos, or any other content that will help other players improve their skill level and enjoyment of EVE Online, then I will hire you to work for EVE Pro Guides.

This isn't a JOB, it's a way to make easy ISK by helping other players to get more out the game. You don't have to be a PVP expert either, any area of the game you have an expertise in is valuable.

  • If you are an expert at scanning plexes down. Make a video and short article about it.
  • If you know a cool way to get tons of salvage
  • If you are mission invader
  • Suspect Baiter
  • If you are good at ganking in high sec
  • A level 4 or 5 mission master
  • Expert at hauling through hostile space
  • Wormhole exploration expert
  • Master Manufacturer
  • Trader
  • Scammer
  • If you just made a fun video about how to fly a Battle Barge / Hauler / whatever
  • ECM Expert
  • Logistics expert
  • POS Setup Expert
  • Planetary Interaction PRO
  • etc

You see there are ENDLESS Topics that some players have an unique mastery of that they could share with others.

How it works...

All work is paid on a case by case basis and is pending acceptance. That means you need to create the Article, Video, or other content first, then send it me at Abbadon@eveproguides.com. I will then approve it and pay you or ask you to improve it, or reject it.  To help ensure your content is not rejected, you should email me before creating it to see if I think it's valuable enough to be added.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All content you submit will become property of EVEProGuides.com once you get paid for it. After you are paid the content will then be 100% owned by EVEProGuides.com.

Now you are probably wondering how much you will be paid?

It depends on the content you have. Articles are usually less valuable than videos but not always. A out of game piece of software that helps people learn might be even more valuable. Typically the pay will vary between 100-300 million ISK per submission. However there are bound to be exceptions that go lower or higher.

The Next Level

All of the content that is paid for with ISK will be posted here for the enjoyment of everyone. But that's just one part of EVE Pro Guides. As you already know EVE Pro Guides offers very specialized and powerful guides to paying members. These guides surpass every other learning resource available and are highly regarded in the EVE Community for their quality and effectiveness.

Each one of these guides takes several months (or more) to create and is not an easy task by any means. It's hard work and because of that it deserves more reward.

So if you would like to create a Paid Guide for EVE Pro Guides, you should contact me first and discuss it. If I like your idea and decide the content is valuable enough, EVEProGuides.com will buy your guide from you for cash upfront and then pay you a commission on all of it's sales for 1 year from release.

You just make the guide (how to fly a Hyperion and get kills on stations and gates for example), submit it, and then get paid every month for a year or sooner if your guide gets discontinued by EVEProGuides.com.

If that sounds good to you, send me an email with the topic you are thinking of and we can discuss it. BUT keep in mind, it must be high quality and do a good job at teaching the subject matter!

Core Skills Series

Finally, at the request of several people I will be going back and doing some lessons of the very basic elements of EVE. Many of these things have been covered before, but it's been awhile and there have been some minor changes to the game since (Ex: the tracking function on Directional Scanner).

These will be quick videos and articles covering one small topic at a time and should start in the next day or so then run for a week or two.

About the author

In 2010 Abbadon21 was the first person to create Narrated Instructional PVP videos for EVE Online. This started a new era of EVE Online and opened up high level "PRO" PVP to everyone. Abbadon21 is also the Founder of EVEProGuides.com, which is EVE Online's oldest and most trusted source for high quality PRO Guides.