Update on Sov and Force Projection Changes from CCP

My last article about Force Projection received the biggest response for any article EVER posted on this website. That proves how important this issue really is.

In CCP's new show o7 which is hosted by CCP Guard, they talked breifly about Force Projection and Null Sec. They were short on details but here's the summery...

1. A change is coming before the end of the year. Not a solution but it should improve the situation. Best I can tell they will be limiting Force Projection in some way and probably doing it in November.

2. Sov Null Changes will continue and a potential change to Sov Mechanics is expected next year (mid year?).

3. Changes will continue to be rolled out over the next several years.

4. Dev Blog about the changes is expected Mid October and at the CSM meeting some CSMs thought the changes didn't go far enough.

My guess... Either a reduction in LY Jump Range for capitals (50%?) or maybe even some kind of cool down timer on jumps like Jump Clones. My worst fear is that they increase fuel cost or fuel consumption, because that would only hurt smaller groups while leaving the larger coalitions unaffected.

Right now it's possible for a coalition's ENTIRE fleet of Capitals and Subcapitals to be moved from one end of the Universe to the other in less than a few hours. That's not realistic and it shrinks the vastness of EVE. Conflicts should be more regional and it should be a very big pain for a coalition to mobilize outside their region.

Here's the new o7 show from CCP, I'm looking forward to watching more...

Watch live video from CCP on Twitch

Skip to 34 Minutes to see the part about Sov and Force Projection Changes.

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