Update to New Retribution Changes – Ancillary Armor Repairers, New Skills, and Even Better Prophecy

Some of the changes here and in the previous article about Battlecruiser Rebalancing are still not finalized, and it looks like they may change slightly before implementation, but I think the actual changes will be very close to what is listed here. In this update, I wanted to point out a few m0re changes that will most likely be hitting the game in the next month...

There is now talk about some pretty big changes to Armor Tanking as a whole.

It looks like they are going to introduce a AAR (Ancillary Armor Repairer) with slightly different mechanics to the ASB. There will be a limit of only one AAR per ship, and it will use capacitor even when it is loaded with cap boosters. The total amount repaired per cycle will more than double compared to current Armor Reps, but cycle time will stay the same. The Cycle Time will be much longer than ASB reps because of this.

Next, they are adding a new rig called a Nanobot Overcharger, which will increase the overload bonus on Armor Repairers by 30% for the Tech 1 rig and 40% for the Tech 2 rig. I'm guessing this could work in conjunction with the AAR to give a short burst of huge tank.

Finally, they plan to reduce the mass penalty of the 800mm, 200mm, and 50mm Armor plates by 20% AND add a new skill called Armor Upgrades which will reduce the mass penalty by 5% per level of Armor Plates.

These new Armor changes mean big things for the new Prophecy. The buffer Prophecy will be able to move better when weighed down by all those plates and the new AAR Prophecy will be able to rep incredible amount of damage for over 1 Minute. (Longer than ASB because of greater cycle time)

I have a feeling the new "HOT" ship will be the Prophecy and it will get a lot of solo use, as well as some fun fleet concepts built around it.


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