Be a Warrior – Seek Out Conflict

I am just starting to read the book The 33 Strategies of War (Joost Elffers Books) and one of the first concepts it talks about is that you should think of your self as a Warrior and seek out conflict in life.

Avoiding Conflict leads to weakness and fear as opposed to constantly chasing conflict which leads to growth, strength, and confidence.

It's one of those things that you already know to some degree, but when someone hits you in the face with it, you feel like it is profound advice.

Your mind instantly seeks examples like:

  • Muscles grow fastest when facing extreme resistance and challenge
  • Most inventions are the product of being faced with a problem and needing to find a solution
  • Painful events in your life often leave you stronger as a result
  • Many of the most successful wealthy people on earth were dirt poor and faced non stop conflict
  • and on and on

So it makes sense that no matter what you do in life you should seek out difficulty and conflict. Don't make a choice because it's easier, do the opposite and choose the hard option because you know it will make you stronger.

Great chefs aren't great because they take shortcuts and buy pre made pasta or pre-cut steaks. They do the hard thing and make their own pasta, bread, cut their meats in house, make their own in house sauces, and take ownership of everything to ensure a high quality end product.

Making hard choices and fighting hard battles forces you to grow and be better.

Don't go out a shoot Rookie Ships with your Vargur... Shoot Vargurs with your Rookie Ship.

Don't instantly say "It's impossible" and move on, say "how could I?" and challenge your brain.

Great Warriors don't sit around and avoid fighting, nor do they only fight easy opponents. They seek out the best challenger they can find and challenge him.

When you play EVE it's crucial you seek out conflict and put your self in hard situations. Push your self to take more fights, fight against worse odds, and NEVER fear losing. Love the taste of battle and savior the losses along with the wins because you know they make you better.

Comfort is Weakness, Conflict is Strength.

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