The Ninja Pilgrim Guide is LIVE!!!

After a very fun summer of almost exclusively flying the Pilgrim, I am very happy to release it to you so that you can see why I believe it is currently the best Solo PVP Ship in EVE Online.

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I know, that's a big statement to say any ship is the Best in this game, and it's actually dependent on your criteria.

The reason I believe it's the best solo ship right now is due the current PVP environment plus the Pilgrims unique flexibility to engage a large range of targets from Frigate to Battleship.

Right, now if you were to try to fly any ship bigger than a Destroyer into deep Null Sec you would almost certainly die to a Gate Camp on the way, or certainly die after your first kill in enemy territory.

Instant Lock Camps are more popular today than ever and there's nothing worse than jumping an expensive Ship into a camp of 20 Arty Cynabals with a instant lock Keres and Huggin. You're scrammed, webbed, and dead before you even have a chance to fight back.

The Pilgrim avoids all of this with it's ability to Cloak and Warp while Cloaked. In most camps you simply jump in and warp away and for bubble camps a quick gate crash while cloaked works 95% of the time.

This allows the Pilgrim penetrate deep into enemy space with more fire power than any Frigate or Destroyer, so you can hunt the big game.

Your Energy Neutralizers allow you to both kill enemy tanks, and easily escape should things go bad.

It truly is the perfect solo ship for someone wanting to have a high efficiency while crushing their enemies, which is why I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to stalk and terrorize their in game Arch Enemies.

You will learn...

  • How to use psychology to kill your opponents morale
  • How to make your enemy so mad they begin to throw away ships desperately trying to kill you
  • A Sneaky trick you can use to get kills off fleets (The video shows me killing a Hurricane from a 15 man Hurricane fleet with logistics)
  • A super cool way to gate camp while cloaked and only appear to kill the targets you choose
  • An almost "too easy" way to get kills Day One with the Pilgrim.

Watch real "Ride Along" combat footage with full narration and walkthroughs that tell you exactly how I get the fights, get the kills, why I do what I do, and everything else.

If you have any of the other EVE PRO Guides PVP Guides you know how detailed and powerful these guides are. But in case this is your first Guide, let’s go over what you’re getting…

  • Detailed Fittings for all of the ships PLUS suggested implants, drugs, etc
  • A Video Fitting Discussion where you learn the why behind the fits and the secrets to getting the most from them
  • Illustrated Tactics Lectures where you learn the PRO Tactics that you will use for each ship to get the upper hand and teach you how to get fights and escape when things go bad.
  • Narrated and Illustrated Real PVP Fight Footage – There’s no substitute for the real thing, so I’ve included PVP Footage where I talk you through every fight and tell you EXACTLY how I do everything.

Now is the time to take your PVP to a new level with Ninja Pilgrim Guide and see how fun it can be to mix Thrilling Fights with chess like Tactics and Psychological Warfare.

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Launch Day BONUS!

As is tradition here on EVE Pro Guides, I always do something cool to celebrate the release of a new guide...

I will be randomly selecting two people from the people who order today (within 24 hours of Launch) to receive prizes.

The First Winner will get EVERY GUIDE on the website. All of them.

The Second Winner will receive One Hour Roam / Lesson with me at the time and date of their choosing. This could be a 1 on 1 lesson about the Pilgrim or any other ship, or it could be a Roam into Deep Null, or anything else you want to do!

The winners will be notified in a 2-3 as well as posted here.

About the author

In 2010 Abbadon21 was the first person to create Narrated Instructional PVP videos for EVE Online. This started a new era of EVE Online and opened up high level "PRO" PVP to everyone. Abbadon21 is also the Founder of, which is EVE Online's oldest and most trusted source for high quality PRO Guides.