The Final Nail in the Can Flipping Coffin… Can Flipping is Officially Dead

In my previous articles about the upcoming Retribution changes that are coming on Dec 4th, I mentioned that it looked bad for can flipping. The fact that the mechanic that controlled Theft were being changed to allow "Re-Theft" pretty much killed can flipping, but I wasn't 100% sure at that point, so I didn't pronounce it dead.

But today, with much sadness for all the Griefers and the New PVPers wanting an easy first step into PVP, I am officially pronouncing Can Flipping Dead.

RIP 2012 to EVE's Most Memorable Symbol of Griefing and Piracy.

Last night I learned about a change on the Test Server called the Safety System. This is basically a setting that once set will not allow a player to do anything that would put them at risk of death. So new players will start off with this set to "SAFE" and then be unable to ever put themselves at risk of death (beyond going into low sec, or getting ganked).

A player with Safe mode set, will be unable to steal from another player, shoot at a player they don't have aggro against, or do anything else that makes Can Flipping and many other forms of High Sec PVP possible. In other words, CCP is letting Care Bears "Opt Out" of PVP.

This is another change in a long line of changes that are Buffing High Sec Carebearing. Previous changes were the large holds on Barges (making jet canning less likely), Mega hit point barges (to make Ganking harder), removal of insurance for high sec Gankers (same), and on and on.

Care Bears will of course like these changes, and most PVPers won't care about them because they don't effect Low Sec PVP or Null Sec PVP.

But what about the new PVPers who are less than a month old and want to PVP?

Can Flipping was the easiest PVP tactic for them to get out and get kills against higher SP characters with minimal training. I've had many buyers on my Frigate PRO PVP Guide watch my Can Flipping Guides, then go out and kill Cruisers and Battlecruisers with less than 2 million SP in a Frigate worth less than 5 million ISK. That was a very unique opportunity in EVE.

This change may have made care bears safer, but it has also made entry level PVP harder.

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