The Case For Better Killmails

Since I began playing EVE (in about 2007) killmails haven't changed once to my knowledge. The most fundemental part of PVP, the thing that all players work their ass off for, and it hasn't gotten any attention.

Judging from CCP's recent waste of development time on Captains Quarters, Monoculars, and Second Life (oops, I mean walking in stations), it seems like they have ran out of ideas.

Well here's an idea I think every PVPer in the game would get behind...

Update Killmails to show...

1. Damage taken in every system in the last 15 minutes. No more "he jumped to your side so we missed the kill mail."

2. All Logistics on the Field, friendly and hostile. You rep a ship shooting a ship that dies and you get on kill mail, period.

3. Accurate reports of damage done. Let's see who did it and what they did it with.

4. More battle details. Perhaps battlemails that are accessible by corp directors?

5. Social Media integration. Kill a ship and have it instantly posted to Facebook so everyone (Corp and otherwise) can see it.

6. Replays of battles?


These should all be far easier than the whole Incarna deal, and they would add alot more value to the players because let's face it... Don't we all get a chubby when looking at a nice kill mail?

About the author

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