The 1vs1

There are all kinds of ways to get PVP. You can roam through low/null sec, war dec people, do faction warfare, camp gates, kill ratters, and so on.

One often overlooked way to get fights is the 1vs1. But there's a problem...  How do you make sure your opponent doesn't cheat or blob you?

First of all, start by understanding that no matter what you do, there will always be a way for the opponent to cheat. All you can do is lessen the chances. Next, realize that you will get more fair 1vs1 fights if you make a commitment to always honor them yourself.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent dishonored 1vs1 fights:

  1. Get in a fleet together. By doing this you know he's not with a fleet and his fleet can't warp to him in the middle of your fight. Another cool trick is to invite him to fleet and if he is already in a fleet it will tell you. This way you can check to see if people are fleeted up.
  2. Fight at a safe spot. If you are in fleet with your opponent and in a safe you created it makes it much more difficult for the opponent to blob. It is still possible, just more difficult.
  3. Fight in empty systems. This gives you time. Most fights are quick, so if the enemy blob has to jump in and warp across system, there is a good chance you will be done fighting when they arrive.

Next step is getting the fight. To do this simply ask. Many people get steady fights by going to trade hubs and asking for 1vs1 fights. Warning: Never 1vs1 on a station because of neutral logistics.

1vs1 fighting can be a lot of fun, and can be used to test fits and practice. Use them to learn the limits of your ships and your enemies.

About the author

In 2010 Abbadon21 was the first person to create Narrated Instructional PVP videos for EVE Online. This started a new era of EVE Online and opened up high level "PRO" PVP to everyone. Abbadon21 is also the Founder of, which is EVE Online's oldest and most trusted source for high quality PRO Guides.