Taking ISK: The 2 or 50 Bill Kill

I normally don't post my kills here or even mention them but I thought this one was worth a post and this just goes to show it's just as easy to Take ISK as it is to Make ISK. Easier when you're lucky!

Check out the Total loss: 50 Billion ISK

And he dropped almost 1 Billion ISK that is now safely in my station hanger in Gonditsa.

Getting Rich Pirating in EVE Online

Update: CCP has changed killmails so they show the difference between blueprint originals and copies. But when this guy convo'd me he said it was only 10 billion ISK of BPO's, so I'm not too sure what the real value was here. Both BC and my corps killboard show 50 Billion ISK. BC doesn't show which are copies and which aren't while my corp killboard does.

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