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Want a guide on how to fly a solo Scorpion? Maybe a video about how to crush gate camps? Something else? Suggest it here!

Leave a comment below and I will work on creating them for you.

7 thoughts on “Suggest a Guide

  1. Drone Guide

  2. You should add FW missions to your isk guide. You can run fw missions in stealth bomber and get like 100k lp in 20-30 min almost risk free (if you know what you’re doing it’s risk free).

  3. Please put up more guides on how to fly a hurricane properly, a drake properly, showing or discussing what ranges to orbit, keeping at range. And maybe some fleet vids, with different kind of tactics used, with no music, so we can hear what is going on in the fleet.

    • That’s on my list and I’m actually going to be doing some very intensive guides about that.

      They will be VERY cool guides but I’m going to knock out a couple other things first.

  4. Thanks,
    It will surprise you how many people do not know how to properly fly a drake or a hurricane, or any other ship in that matter. Great vids, keep up the good work.

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