Solo Cynabal Video – Why you should kill Mobile Tractor Units

Many people scoff at the idea of taking 5 minutes to kill a MTU (Mobile Tractor Unit), but like I've said many times in my videos... Do something to create an escalation!

If all you do is wander around null sec looking for the perfect fight, you're going to be very bored. You have to create the fights.

EVE Psychology is very simple. If you attack or destroy someone's stuff, they tend to get mad, they tend to yell for help from alliance, and they tend to strike back.

But the best part is that when they do come for revenge they also tend to be disorganized. That means it's not a real fleet so they rarely have Logistics or Ewar, which gives you a good fight.

This is Escalation!

Killing an 11 Million ISK Hauler at a Poco so that he'll go get his Aug Navy and serve it to you on a platter.

Or killing a bunch of miners in null, so they randomly warp in one ship every minute to kill you as they reship allowing you to pace the fight and get many more kills.

Or in this case attacking a lonely MTU in an Anomaly, so he will go get his Brutix Navy Issue.

This video shows me doing exactly that. I didn't narrate it, because I didn't think it would have added a whole lot. But also because I really wanted to make a chill video with some Orbital Music and this one fit. Enjoy...

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