Scamming Scammers – Because Greed is Exploitable

I've always enjoyed movies about Cons and Con men, so when I started playing EVE my inner Con Man got some ideas...

The first Con I did was the one you will see in this video and it is based on the most basic foundation of every con...

That is, that virtually every Con exploits Greed. An honest man can't be conned!

It's Greed that pushes the mark to take completely illogical risks and give the con man money.  Without greed Cons don't happen.

Turns out most scammers are motivated by greed and almost all of them are just copying other scams. Most scammers actually suck at scamming!

This equals opportunity for players like me that have studied the art of the Con!

Watch this video to see what I mean... (BTW I pulled this off within 5 minutes of entering Jita)

720p and full screen for best quality


Carl White > o/
RiskyShift > o/
RiskyShift > are you serious about doubling isk?
Carl White > yup
RiskyShift > I have 100 million but not sure you are honest
Carl White > if your not sure you probably shouldnt do it
Carl White > you never know
RiskyShift > hmmm
RiskyShift > well how about I try something smaller first?
Carl White > you can do that
RiskyShift > ok... sending 5 million
RiskyShift > sent
RiskyShift > cool thx
Carl White > cool story bro
Carl White > lol
RiskyShift > but I do this to all the scammers
Carl White > lol
RiskyShift > lol
Carl White > whoop de crap, its 5mil
RiskyShift > nothing personal.... just greed vs greed
Carl White > meh
RiskyShift > I know... doing for a video
Carl White > a what now
RiskyShift > I have done 50 mil before but it's harder to get people to do that one


Most scams in EVE are very unoriginal, short sighted, and largely ineffective. A true con/scam requires more depth. In my upcoming Scam Guide you will learn scams that can pull 10's and possibly even 100's of billions of ISK. These are the scams no one talks about, but a few top players use to generate massive amounts of ISK.

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