Rapid Fire Directional Scanning – Find Targets Faster Than Ever!

In the last year or two CCP has made many changes to the game that have affected Directional Scanning. Things like a new DScan Window, key binding for the scan button, and camera tracking.

I covered all of this in my recent updated Directional Scanning Guide, but just my luck CCP removed the old Scanning Window I used in that video a few days after I posted it. Not much changed, but it did force me to try the new window and when I did I found this new way of scanning to be much faster.

The method is pretty much what the name says... Rapid Fire Directional Scanning. You spam your "Scan" key, which in my case is the Space bar while moving your camera around at 15 or 30 degrees. By constantly spamming the scan key as you move the camera you can locate targets with absurd speed.

But where this really shines is in super busy upgraded null sec systems with anomalies everywhere and tons of ships on scan. With this method you can much more easily sort through all the trash and zero in on targets that you want.

To see what I mean watch this video guide I made...

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