Rape me – When EVE wants you dead

Sometimes EVE wants you to lose your ship. Nothing you can do, just accept that EVE is going to make sure you die.

I admit it's kinda rare, but there are times when you die due to a bug, desync, or even just a simple lag spike.

This happens in every multiplayer game and it's likely to be like this for many years in the future until they come up with some new way to program games that is safe from lag and bugs.

The lesson here is that you should never fly what you aren't prepared to lose and that you need to be prepared for stuff like this to happen, because it will.

Watch in 720p for best quality.


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In 2010 Abbadon21 was the first person to create Narrated Instructional PVP videos for EVE Online. This started a new era of EVE Online and opened up high level "PRO" PVP to everyone. Abbadon21 is also the Founder of EVEProGuides.com, which is EVE Online's oldest and most trusted source for high quality PRO Guides.