Quickly Increasing Your Security Status

The penalties for low-sec (and especially high-sec) PVP can get annoying and if you have any intention of PVPing anywhere but null sec, you better get used a low securtiy status.

Here's what a low security status gets you...

High-Sec limitations - you will be shot by NPC navies based on the below:

  • -2.0 to -2.49 =  1.0 systems.
  • -2.5 to -2.99 = 0.9 or above.
  • -3.0 to 3.49 = 0.8 or above.
  • -3.5 to -3.99 = 0.7 or above.
  • -4.0 to -4.49 = 0.6 or above.
  • -4.5 to -4.99 = 0.5 or above.

Should you go below -5.0 you become permanently "flashy" which means you can't go into any high-sec without concord shooting you, and that you can be shot by other players anywhere and anytime without penalty.

Typically you have two choices when it comes to sec status...

You can accept that CCP hates low-sec and proudly pod your way to -10 security status.


You rat in between kills to keep your sec status at an acceptable level.

Should you choose the last option this article is for you because we are going to discuss how you can rapidly raise your security status.

First of all, let's go over some game mechanics:

  1. Security Status goes up when you kill NPC ships
  2. The amount your Security Status goes up is dependent on two things. The rats bounty (the higher the better) and what level you have the skill "Fast Talk" at.
  3. You can only get one security status increase every fifteen minutes PER system.

Many of those mechanics are out of your control, however you can maximize to rate at which your security increases by focusing on the things you can control.

  1. Train Fast Talk as high as possible to maximize your security gains.
  2. Kill rats with as high a bounty as possible. (by ratting in 0.0 instead of low sec)
  3. Change systems after every NPC kill.

That last one is most important. Rather than sitting in one system killing rat after rat and only getting one increase every 15 minutes, you can move system to system ratting and get gains every 3-5 minutes.

Based on the above the fastest way to increase your Sec would be to set a course through null sec and kill one Battleship rat in each system along the way.

However, remember that you only get one increase per system per 15 minutes. So you can't jump back and forth between two systems. If you do a loop make sure it's long enough for it to take you over 15 minutes each time around.

About the author

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