Pop Quiz: Instalock Svipul Points Your Taranis Part 2

I meant to post this last night but had a little emergency to deal with and didn't have time to upload it before bed.

In case you missed the first part of this video you can watch it by clicking here.

In part 1 you saw me jump behind a Svipul then get locked and take a hit from Arty. My questions to you was... What would you do?

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The two best options were to Engage or Crash Gate and jump back through. However with no where to dock and repair you may end up stuck if you jumped back in.

It's hard to say the exact optimum way to execute this fight, but based on the slow cycle time of Artillery and the fact that you can definitely take at least one more shot, engaging is your best bet.

Hit Orbit 500m, AB (heat if you can), Guns and Point, then once you're orbiting close you will take no more damage.

I may have over talked the explanation a bit, but I enjoyed this style of video and will do another in the future.

Ninja Pilgrim Guide Update!

I am assigning numbers to every order from the first day and will do the drawing and announce the winner tomorrow.

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