Overloading Video Guide

"Give it some heat!"

I've found my self saying that many times in fleets. Maybe I'm the only FC that talks like that, I'm not sure. What I mean by "heat" is for the fleet to overload their guns.

Whether Solo or in Fleet, using your overload properly could easily mean the difference between winning and losing.

The reason is because it allows you to increase your effectiveness by 15% or more depending on what you're doing.

Most Guns and Missiles will get a 15% boost to Damage Output. Shield Boosters and Armor Repairs get a 10% boost and Microwarpdrives get a 50% bonus to speed!

Here's a secret that the Super PRO PVPers don't talk about: The secret to pulling off insane victories is often just a few percent.

The more effective your modules are the more likely you are to win your fights. Think of it as increasing your probability. Loading the dice.

Every little bit of extra performance, whether it's more damage output, better tank, or whatever, increases your probability of victory and loads the dice a little more in your favor.

This is why so many of the Super Elite PVPers use implants, drugs, command link bonus alts, etc. They know that to fight at a insane level they need to load their dice as much as possible.

This doesn't mean you can discount skill though, because a bad PVPer with every possible advantage will still make bad choices and perform badly. These things simply magnify the skills you do have.

Overloading can load your dice heavily and it doesn't cost you a billion ISK in implants.

In this Video Guide you will learn not just how to overload, but more importantly when to overload and how to get the biggest possible advantage from your overloading.

Remember to watch in 720p on Full Screen

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