When do you change targets in a fight?

In general you should avoid changing targets mid fight. In most cases it's the wrong choice to make because in Solo PVP time is your most limited resource and changing targets wastes some of your limited time.

There are however some situations where you should change targets...

  1. Squishy High Value Targets:  There are some cases where you will have something nearby that you can kill with only a few shots or in a very short time. I call these squishy targets. Some examples are Stealth Bombers, Covert Ops, and Electronic Attack Frigates. If you're in a larger ship like I am in this video, you can include things like Sabres/Interdictors and Assault Frigates.
  2. You will not be able to kill the target before the fight ends: Let's say were fighting against a Brick Armor Buffer Tanked Vexor while flying a Shield Tanked Ferox. You see that it's taking too long to kill him and more enemy ships are landing every few seconds. One of those is "Squishy" and killable before your tank gives out.
  3. The target is moving out of your range: If you cannot maintain tackle on the target and will not kill him before he gets out of point range, you are wasting your time.
  4. You can't track the target: No reason shooting something you can't hit.

There are probably some more I'm missing but you get the idea. Stick to your current target so long as you are making progress and believe you will kill him. The moment you doubt whether you can kill him, you need to ask yourself: "Is there something else here I can kill?"

In this video I'm flying the Dual Rep Myrmidon Solo in Null Sec and had to make a choice mid fight. That's the subject of this Solo PVP Lesson.

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