New Directional Scanning Guide

Years ago I made a very popular Directional Scanning Guide that taught one of the most important skills in EVE. However, times have changed and CCP has added many new features that have changed Directional Scanning and created a new method of doing it.

These changes are:

  1. Camera Tracking - which allows you to line up your scans faster.
  2. New Directional Scanning Window - The Scan button is annoyingly on the wrong side causing you to open your solar system sometimes until you get used to it.
  3. A Directional Scan Hotkey - This means you don't have to use the poorly placed scan button and can instead use your keyboard for greater efficiency.

These things allow you scan faster in some situations like when scanning anomalies and celestials. However finding targets not at these object requires you know the Old School Method of scanning which is why I made sure to teach that in this video guide as well.

In 90% of the situations you can use the new easy mode for scanning, but in cases where people are bouncing off moons or in missions or signatures you will need the Old Method to find them and figure out what they are up to.

Here's the new Guide:

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