More Loyalty Points Per Mission

For many people the primary goal of missioning is to get loyalty points for the loyalty points store.

In the past we talked about "Blitzing" missions (running them as quickly as possible) to get more loyalty points, but there's another way to increase your loyalty point per mission. That way is the Connections Skills.

These are the skills I'm talking about:

  • Distribution Connections
  • Mining Connections
  • Security Connections

Each one gives a 10% increase to loyalty point gain per level. So at level 5 one skill will net a 50% increase.

By training which ever agent type's connection skill up to level 4 or 5 you can get a very large increase in the amount of Loyalty Points per mission. These loyalty points can then be used to buy Faction Items from the LP store which can be used or sold for large amounts of ISK.

A few years ago I made a lot of ISK by doing level 4 Missions for Arch Angels and then using the LP to buy Dramiels which I would fly and sell. The same could be done now for high demand ships like the Daredevil, Vigilant, and so on.

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