Mobile Depot Games – New PVP Tactic

Many months ago I saw a cool PVP video of a guy flying a T1 Cruiser with no propulsion but instead he had an extra web for frigates. This got my brain churning on some ideas.

The first was just sitting inside of a Medium FW Site with a no prop cruiser and popping all the frigates and destroyers that came for me.

While fitting up a Thorax for this I had an exciting idea... "What if I refit at a mobile depot inside the site?"

So I decided to test it out and the first few fights had me laughing like a mad man as I magically got my kills and escaped by refitting warp stabs after my aggro timer expired.

Unfortunately that was followed by some losses that showed the weak points of the tactic, but it was enough to keep me interested.

My plan was to make a guide or big pvp video about it and expand on the possibilities but I never got around to it and decided that instead of sitting on it forever I should let it out into the wild and see what other PVPers do with it.

My final conclusion was that the best use wasn't to escape a fight or after a fight, but to refit before a fight to counter your opponent.

For example, you're sitting in a Novice in a Scram Kite Comet and you see a Slicer and Conder coming in. You quickly change fits to a MWD, Scram, Web fit and easily catch and dunk both targets.

By refitting for the exact target some very cool things are possible.

The obvious counter to this should it become over used is to add mobile depots to overview then check for them with DScan before warping into a site.

Here's a fun video showing the footage I got...

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