Medium Micro Jump Drives – Breathing New Life into Small Gang and Solo BC PVP

Not too long ago CCP added the Medium Micro Jump Drive to the game and limited it to only a few ship types. Combat Battlecruisers being one of those that can use it (but not attack BC like the Talos, Tornado, etc).

At first I wasn't very interested and didn't give it much thought but then after hearing someone complain that a BC they were fighting escaped with a MJD, I wanted to know just how effective they could be.

Fully Insured a BC is a great solo and small gang ship to fly because after insurance the cost is often less than 30 or 40 million. This allows you to take risks and have fun without too much worry about your wallet.

But Battlecruisers (and solo PVP in general) tend to attract blobs and it's rare that you find a fight where your enemy doesn't pile a whole fleet on to you. To counter this you must have a way to Disengage when things go bad or when you are running out of Tank.

This has traditionally been done by Kiting or Heavy Tanking. The Kite uses his speed to avoid tackle and escape when needed, while the Heavy Tank absorbs huge amounts of DPS and escapes through a Gate or into a Station.

The Medium MJD gives us a new option, to Micro Jump and Warp away to safety.

The catch is that your MJD will not work if you are Scrammed or if you are cap dead.

For this reason it is important to neutralize Frigates and Destroyers who are likely to fit scrams first, as well as familiarize your self with the Scram Icon so you can tell who is scramming you.

Over the last few weeks I have been really enjoying the MJD BC's and I've had a lot of great fights with them both solo and in very small gangs (2 to 4 people).

I still don't think I have perfected the tactic but I"m having tons of fun trying new things getting fights.

To show you what I'm talking about I put together a very short video showing me Escaping a Camp with the MJD and then another Small Gang Clip where we take on a fleet 3 times larger than ours, kill a Sabre and Escape while only losing a cheap Firetail.

Watch Full Screen at 1080p

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