Mechanics Monday: Auto Targeting aka Friend or Foe Missiles

Because understanding the underlying mechanics of the game is so important, I wanted to start a series of posts describing some of the more interesting game mechanics and possible uses.

The first topic is Auto-Targeting Missiles, which used to be known as FOF or Friend or Foe Missiles. These are missiles that can be fired when you have nothing locked and will seek out the nearest hostile target.

To be fired you must:

Have another pilot or npc with aggression (that 15 minute timer up top) toward you, and on the same grid as you. (probably also within the ships normal lock range but I haven't confirmed that.)

The value of these missiles is that they are ECM proof and can be fired while you are perma jammed by the likes of a Falcon or another ECM ship.

But how do you get them to hit your desired target?

That's where understanding the mechanics gives you the edge...

The Mechanic is:

Auto Targeting Missiles will attack the nearest target with aggression toward you.

That means that you simply have to run at the nearest ECM ships and sit right on top of him, guaranteeing that he is the nearest target with aggression.

Sounds great right? But won't he just warp off?

Probably, but you never know if a lucky bump or the surprise factor will get the kill. Either way you run him off the field and give you or your fleet a better chance of winning.

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