Mass Market Manipulation Test




Our first trade was a success. I made about 300 Million ISK from the Faction Scrams and I hope a lot of you guys did just as well or better.

Our second trade didn't quite work out, there was far more supply than I anticipated. The more we raised the price, the more supply flooded in. Lesson Learned. If everyone is patient and just tries to sell a few of the EANM's per day, they will probably break even on this trade.

I put 3 billion ISK into our second trade to try to hold the prices up for us, but I was still losing ground the whole time.


Lesson Learned:

Small Low Volume Items that are hard to find work better than large volume items. Therefore we are better off doing lots of small items over just 1 big item.

Next, we need to not be quite as greedy in our moves. Raising prices so drastically encourages other traders to dump their supply instead of just raising their price along with ours.



I think based on what we saw we can refine our strategy and do better next time. I will plan to do it again next weekend but with lots of smaller volume items. Then we will knock them out one by one.

41 thoughts on “Mass Market Manipulation Test

  1. I’m going to put 2 billion ISK into this.

  2. stephen sindell

    If we get enough participants I’m happy to put in what I can, say a few hundred mil. Im not as wealthy as your good self lol.

  3. Matched… 2 billion ISK

  4. 800 million as of right now, but definitely will put more in when the wallet will allow.

  5. 1.5 Billion.

  6. Maximum 1 bil, or until i see the profit rolling in 🙂

  7. I’m in with 200 million.

  8. Porucznik Borewicz

    Maximum 5 bil. Waiting for the next email.

  9. 500 million isk maybe 1 billion

  10. 150 mill isk

  11. 500 mil,

  12. im in for up to 200mil

  13. 2 bil so long as I don’t have to give it to anyone else at any point 😉

  14. can maybe afford 100mill 🙁 my eve life is on hiatus

  15. 500 Mil – 1 Bil

  16. Thinking out loud here..
    The longer that ‘parachute’ stays up, the more profit. I predict that a good portion of the penny war will happen between ourselves, because we can’t identify each other’s contracts.
    Possible solution: we type a code into the description field (example: EPG) so that we can avoid penny warring amongst ourselves and slow down the inevitable settling of the price over time.
    Cons: Market watchers are going to see this and think ‘hmm who are all these chars from different corps with EPG written on this item?’
    Also, some of us might prefer to maintain our anonymity with each other rather than waving a flag with a code.

    Another possible solution… you open an in game channel for us, we get to know each other’s names, no need for a code.
    Again though, I see the desire for anonymity messing with this.

    As I said, just thinking out loud here to avoid penny warring amongst ourselves. If anonymity is the main issue here, then perhaps disregard what I’ve suggested. It’s probably only a small percentage gain/loss either way I guess.

  17. Good ideas, Dirk – I think either of those would be preferable to trying to beat you guys in a penny war 🙂
    I’m not that hooked on anonymity – I see this as my corp-outside-my-corp operation thing,

  18. 1 bill isk

  19. Are we only looking to buy up supply for the items listed in Jita or everywhere?

  20. Yes my question also – jita or anywhere?

  21. when is this starting. as its 15:30 hrs 11th Feb

  22. I’m just about out – its now 15:45 on the 11th. Unfortunately it is very late here! Waiting for the update.

  23. same lol, although its not late at all here..

  24. crap… I misread the time… I Thought 15:00 was 40 minutes away.

    Very sorry guys…. I will update in the next 10 mins

  25. ok it’s up…. this one should go quickly. I will get another ready.

    The reason I did just these two is because they are the best Faction Scrams.

    If we raised the price of the others people would just upgrade to these so we might as well manipulate the best in this case.

  26. Does anyone want to work Rens with me?

  27. feel free to try Dirks idea also.

  28. I am stuck out in null sec and cant buy the items… 🙁 Cant get into my clone for another 6 hrs.

  29. Scrap Rens, I will come to Jita

  30. Jita is our focus… And Jita kinda dictates everywhere else. However, since you can probably buy these items cheap else where there is a profit opportunity there.

    It’s kinda like extra credit. If we don’t do it someone else will.

  31. wow that happened fast… working on our next item.. give me 5 to 10 mins

  32. jita all taken lol- you guys work real quick hehe – not that there was a lot of either of those items 😛

  33. Yup, that was fast. This shall turn rather interestingly! And in any case, if we don’t sell at 200m, eventually someone will buy at higher price than what we bought them for, so I’m expecting something awesome from that teamwork.

  34. I’ll be there in 6 jumps lol

  35. ok brought all the dark blood..

  36. no one buy any more scrams… they are done and we have moved on to the next item.

  37. and now ran out of contracts lol

  38. I dropped 3 billion ISK on the EANM’s to try to hold prices up, but supply won the fight. Going to settle for selling them off around 55-60 Million ISK.

    I’m shocked so much flooded in so fast but I learned alot today. We will try again next week most likely.

  39. I updated the page above… It was a rough start but the first trade is evidence that we are on to something here.

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