Market Trading For Alpha Clones = Easy ISK

One of the best ways to make quick ISK in EVE is Market Trading and as an Alpha Clone you can use it to either make Passive ISK or do it Actively to make ISK much faster.

As I see it the three best ways to make ISK as an Alpha Clone are:

  1. Market Trading
  2. Exploration in Low and Null Sec
  3. Hauling

I've already done a little bit about the Hauling method, however I plan on doing a Alpha Specific Hauling Video with my Alpha Clone and a Exploration Guide with him soon.

Market Trading For ISK

When it comes to market trading it's all about Buying Low and Selling High. Pretty simple fundamentally however there are some small things you need to know to maximize the ISK you make.

Basic Rules For Trading:

  • Know your Break Even Percentage
  • Work to reduce your Break Even Percentage
  • Always trade items with Margins at least double your Break Even Margin
  • Trade items that are common and you understand
  • Trade items with volume in the Market Details Tab that shows it is actually selling in large volumes every day
  • The busier the trade hub, the more competition and the more turnover
  • The faster you churn items, the faster you make ISK

These are covered in the video, however I think they are worth putting in writing to cement them in your head.

Another great tip I talk about in the video is that you can create four Alpha Clone Accounts, one for each race. Then put one trading character at each of the four main trade hubs (Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, and Rens). These accounts are FREE to you but allow you to quadruple your available market orders to a total of 68 Orders. Now all you need to do is make 300 Million ISK per character to PLEX one account. Heck, if you want to go all in on this method you could do eight accounts.

Doing this actively by updating orders every five minutes for a hour or more will allow you to make very nice profits. It's not hard to turn 1 Million ISK into 10 million in an hour.

To learn more about this ISK Making Method watch the Video Guide:

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