Make Jumping Easier with the Capital Navigation Window

Something I've used for many years now that has made my life in EVE a little easier as a Capital/Black Ops Pilot is the Capital Navigation Window.

This window shows you the the Distance, Fuel Needed, and much more to help ease the pain of your capital jumps.


The most common use I have for it though is checking ranges when doing Black Ops Drops. A hunter Pilot will call out... "Is 2X-PQG in range?" and I will quickly hit Ctrl-J and say Yes. The speed here is very important because if it takes too long the opportunity may pass.

It's super easy to set this up. Just hit Esc then go to Shortcuts, Window, and Finally set the Capital Navigation Window to Ctrl-J (J for jump) as shown below.


That's it... Jumping is now just a little bit easier.

Beyond that you can plan jumps with Dotlan or a similar site that plans the most efficient route over multiple jumps.

Many of you know this but for those who don't it's a helpful tool.

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