How to make 900 Million ISK (or more) in 2 Minutes

Note: This may not work on all accounts because some accounts are too young or have already spent the Aurum. Also, many of you may already know about this, but it's a pretty cool deal for those who don't.

If you're like me, you never really cared about the Aurum store, which allows you to buy things like Monocles, Hot Pants, and Ship Skins because they have no real importance in the game.

In fact, Aurum has been completely useless until recently when CCP added the Multiple Pilot Training Certificate, which can be bought with Aurum.

This alone wouldn't be very cool but the fact that CCP gave most characters free Aurum a few years ago means that most accounts have what amounts to a free plex sitting in their accounts and don't even know it.

I personally was able to do this with both my accounts and cashed out around 1.8 Billion ISK.

Watch this to learn how...

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Before you sell it, consider if you would be better of to train a Hauling Alt or Market Alt so you can do the stuff you learn in The ISK PRO Guide on a separate character than your main.

UPDATE 11/23/22014:

The day after posting this the price dropped from over 900 Million to about 800 Million ISK and volume more than doubled!

Shortly after posting this I received an email from a player telling me that you could still get Aurum Tokens on the market. So if you have 2,000 left over Aurum and need 3,500 to get another Certificate to sell, you can just buy some tokens for ISK and still make a nice profit.

I had 2,000 Aurum left on Abbadon21, so I needed 1,500. A quick look at told me that the 500 Aurum Tokens were cheaper than the 1,000 Aurum Tokens (150 Million ISK per 500 Token VS 400+ Million ISK per 1,000 Token)

There were some 500's only a few jumps from Jita so I bought 3 of those for 450 Million, then bought another Multiple Pilot Training Certificate and sold it for 800 Million ISK. Which is a 350 Million ISK Profit.

A word of warning... Judging by EVE-Central there aren't many Aurum Tokens left on the market any more so this too may not last for long.

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