Know Your Enemy – Small Hybrid Turrets

If you've watched my video "Win Before You Fight" then you know that one of the best ways to get an advantage in PVP is to know as much as possible about your enemy before fighting.

The quickest and often best way to do this is to push "look at" once your enemy is within 100km and then visually examine his Guns so you know what he's using.

To do this you have to first know what every gun looks like, that's a big task but the better you are at it, the better you'll be at PVP.

So this will be the first in a long line a videos where you will learn what each and every gun looks like.

I will try to use the same format each time. First you will see the guns with their names, then you will get quizzed and see them without names for a few seconds, followed by a few seconds with the name shown again.

Think of it as flashcards...

The most important distinction here is "Blasters or Rail Guns" because that will make the biggest difference in your tactics. However knowing the specific type of Blaster for example can make a difference as well.

For Example: If you see a Taranis with Ion Blasters and you are in a Ranis with Neutrons you can probably assume that he does less DPS than you, has less range, and most likely has a better tank. This is exploitable and will then influence your tactics.


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