Is the Svipul OP? The Confessor and Svipul Nerf

If you've been out PVPing lately you've definitely seen a lot of Svipuls and Confessors and about 90% of them are using 10mn Afterburners.

On it's own, using a 10mn AB on a Destroyer isn't a big deal, but the fact that you can fit PG hungry Artillery/Lasers AND a good tank is certainly overpowered. There should be some draw back to using a cruiser sized AB on a smaller ship.

For example, when you drop a Big Block V8 into a Smart Car you may have to take out some extras like the A/C  and power steering.

As much as I hate to ever say a nerf is a good thing unless it's a nerf to blobbing or ECM, I think the nerf to the new Tactical Destroyers is a good thing.

So what's changing?


  • Powergrid: 71 (-9)
  • Max Velocity: 250 (-30)
  • Mass: 2,200,000kg (-200,000)
  • Shield Recharge Time: 800s (+175s)
  • Inertia: 2.4 (+0.25)
  • Capacitor Recharge Time: 320s (+20s)


  • Powergrid: 68 (-10)
  • Max Velocity: 270 (-20)
  • Shield Recharge Time: 800s (+175s)
  • Capacitor Recharge Time: 240s (+15s)

Material Requirements:
+1 to each of Electromechanical Interface Nexus, Fullerene Intercalated Sheets, Optimized Nano-engines, Reconfigured Subspace Calibrator, Self-Assembling Nanolattice, Warfare Computation Core

The biggest and really the most needed change is to the PG (Powergrid) because that's what is allowing people to "over fit" these ships. A drop in 10 PG on my Svipul will force a change, but it's a change that will have a very small impact, while a drop of 10 PG to a 10mn Arty Svipul will force them to make a choice and cut something. Most likely people will decide to cut the tank and keep the 10mn AB + Arty which is a fair trade off.

The Svipul is an amazing ship for Solo PVP and these changes won't change that.

In the mean time if you want to piss a 10mn Svipul or Confessor pilot off, counter him with a Curse, Huggin, or Gila.

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