Intel in EVE – Two New Tools – Dingo and Puush

As an FC, one of the toughest things I have to do is understand information coming at me from multiple sources. Not only that, but the intel I get is often incomplete.

For example a scout may tell me "they have 9 T1 Cruisers and 2 Augorors" but that doesn't tell me enough to decide if I want to jump into them or not. I have to ask "are they all on gate at zero? Anything else on scan / in local? How far off are the Augorors from the main fleet?"

By the time I get enough information the enemy may realize they are in a bad position (or good) and make a move that reduces our chances of victory. So the faster I get the information the better.

Recently things have gotten much better with two new tools that allow you to quickly share this critical information with ease. The first is Dingo and the second is Puush. Both are similar in function but have slightly different uses.

Dingo is for quickly summarizing an enemies fleet, while Puush allows you to show more detailed information like ship positions, distances, etc.

Watch this video to see how they work...

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