Incursion 1.5 – Changes That Effect You

This is not a news website, however to be at the top of the game you need to understand the game and any changes.

So whenever a notable patch comes around, I will do a write up on what's important and how to exploit the changes for profit and more kills.

Incursion 1.5 will be released on the 19th and there are some interested changes...



The on-board scanner will now have a range of 64 au instead of only 5 and will now only take 10 seconds instead of 30! This means that finding people in anomalies will become much easier and faster.

This will change the way I scan systems...

Bottomline: More ratters will die!


Agents and Missions + Skills

They going to reduce the number of agent types to just three. This means they are also going to remove many of the "Connections" skill books.

It appears that after this patch there will only be one skill that effects the LP gain of each agent type. Therefor the maximum you can increase your LP payout will be 25% instead of 50%.

Less LP per mission means it will get harder to get LP Store items, most notably, the faction ships. I expect faction ships (Dramiels and such) to increase in price quite a bit within a few weeks of the patch.

Bottomline: Buy high volume faction ships like the Dramiel now at low prices and resell at a profit of 50% or more in the next month. Easy money if I'm right.

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