The Hull Tanked Brutix Guide is LIVE!!!

Over the past year I have been drawn back the one ship time after time. That ship is the Hull Tanked Brutix. Ever since my first amazing battle with it, I have been craving more.

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The Hull Tanked Brutix is a ship that you fly with zero worries. It's a ship that's meant to go hard and when needed die in a blaze of glory.

Sure it's great when you wipe out all of the enemy and warp away victorious, but it's just as fun to fight to the death and kill more ISK than you lose.

The reason for this is the cheap price of the Brutix when you factor in Platinum Insurance. After Insurance the total price per Fitted Brutix is around 40 Million ISK!

For that low price you get a ship that has over 100,000 EHP and 600 DPS!

What this means is that you can fly dangerous, have fun and get tons of fights without worrying about your wallet.

Let's look at two hypothetical scenarios:

Scenario 1: You just fitted up a Deimos and the total cost to you was 250 Million ISK. It's a great ship with a strong tank and good DPS output, but even that doesn't protect you from the inevitable blobs that are part of daily life in EVE. All it takes is a fleet with a Falcon and strong Neut Pressure and your dead with very little insurance to lessen the loss.

Scenario 2: You just fitted up a Hull Tanked Brutix for a total after insurance cost of 40 Million ISK. It has just as much DPS output as the Deimos and a respectable tank. Even if you do run into that inevitable blob, you are still likely to have fun and get some kills before you die.

The biggest difference here is the Price and the Sting of the loss. Because the Brutix is so much cheaper you are more likely to take risks and push your self to get more fights.

And the single most common advice I give people is TAKE MORE RISKS!

You see the more fights you have and the more risks you take, the faster you will improve. Why not get six fights in a Brutix instead of just one for the same amount of ISK in a T2 Cruiser?

Add to this the fact that you can use a MJD to avoid all the Kiters in the game.

Get tackled by a Orthrus at 40km, just MJD.

Interceptor points you to hold you until his fleet can blob you, just MJD.

It's your "get out of unwinnable fights card!"

Lets look at what's inside the Hull Tank Brutix Guide...

Watch real "Ride Along" combat footage with full narration and walkthroughs that tell you exactly how I get the fights, get the kills, why I do what I do, and everything else.

If you have any of the other EVE PRO Guides PVP Guides you know how detailed and powerful these guides are. But in case this is your first Guide, let’s go over what you’re getting…

  • Detailed Fittings for all of the ships PLUS suggested implants, drugs, etc
  • A Video Fitting Discussion where you learn the why behind the fits and the secrets to getting the most from them
  • Illustrated Tactics Lectures where you learn the PRO Tactics that you will use for each ship to get the upper hand and teach you how to get fights and escape when things go bad.
  • Narrated and Illustrated Real PVP Fight Footage – There’s no substitute for the real thing, so I’ve included PVP Footage where I talk you through every fight and tell you EXACTLY how I do everything.

Now is the time to get out there and start having some of the most fun fights of your EVE Career with the Hull Tanked Brutix!

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Launch Day Bonus:

As is tradition here on EVE Pro Guides, I always do something cool to celebrate the release of a new guide...

If you order within the first 24 Hours of release you will get the following:

First, I will be giving everyone a preview of what may end up being a Tech 1 Cruiser Guide. This will come in the next week and shows me flying a Rupture having fun.

I will also be randomly selecting one person to receive the EVERYTHING Bundle which includes every guide on the site, plus some extra perks.

The drawing will happen 2 to 3 days after the release and the winner will be notified by email.


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