How to survive station camping!

Have you ever been camped in station by pirates or nasty war targets? If so then this is a must read as it will show you a couple of tricks that are important for your survival!


Picking the best home station while at war:
Not all stations are equal, some stations have a large dock radius (the distance from the physical station before your overview shows your distance greater than zero) while others have very small doc radius (i.e. the main trading station in Dodixie) .

The key is to find a station with a large doc radius; you can do this by warping to the station and looking at the distance between yourself and the station. If you warp onto or very close to the physical station the doc radius is small if you warp around 50km off the station (your overview will not show 50km, you will have to guesstimate ) then it has a large doc radius.

Creating an undock “Insta” warp point:

So you have found the station that you are going to use as your base during the war, it’s now time to create undock points away from the station. I create at least two; one 250km from station and the other around 1,000km from station (off grid).

This best done in a fast ship such as an interceptor; undock from the station make sure you are not moving off on an angle you want to keep the mouth of the station in a straight line and micro-warp away and bookmark these points.


Now that you are sitting in a large dock radius station with war targets (WT) in system, then it’s time to see if they are outside camping!

Undock from station and do not click or touch anything when the undock loading screen disappears and the EVE image loads hold down ctrl then press space your ship will start to stop while still being invulnerable for 30 secs due to the session timer (make sure your session timer is showing on your EVE client) once your session timer has finished you can dock safely or if the war targets are nowhere in sight you can warp off to your "insta" points.