How To Find Anomaly Runners Instantly With The Directional Scanner

How to use the directional scanner to find targets in anomaliesI spend A LOT of time roaming Null Sec space. That means I come across ratters all the time and most of those tend to be in Cosmic Anomalies and not Asteroid Belts.

In the past I would do an anomaly scan, then start with the most valuable anomalies and work my way down. Basically making vague guesses at where they were.

This strategy rarely worked and it was very slow and annoying.

Then I realized that you could actually see the anomalies on the Solar System Map. This changed everything!

Because if I can first find the anomaly runners ship on directional, I can use the direction and angle relative to my position and a celestial object to figure out where they are.

This could be said in very complex geometric terms and all that but in the end it's just:

  • "OK, he's showing as above planet 6 on directional"
  • "Which anomalies are above planet 6?"
  • "There he is!"

Using this method I am able to find anomaly runners just as fast or even faster than belt ratters.

Watch the video below to see this method in action...

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