How to Escape Tackle by “Bouncing” Your Opponent out of Point/Lock Range

Avoiding Death in EVE Online is just as important, if not more important than blowing up other players. No matter what you do, there will be some situations where you are in a temporary stalemate with a kiting tackler who has you tackled from outside scram/web range, but you cannot kill.

In these situations you need the ability to escape before getting blobbed by your opponents reinforcements. That tactic is called Bouncing (or sometimes yo-yoing) because the movement is similar to those actions. Trust me when I say that whether you are a care bear or Pro PVPerĀ  you will want this tactic in your Toolbox.

To execute this tactics on the simple level you need to MWD in one direction, then suddenly align to a warpable object in the opposite direction and spam your warp button. Doing this causes your kiting opponent to have to do a 180 and in the process the distance between you and him will increase. This will then hopefully give you a few seconds where you are beyond his Point or even Lock Range.

On a more elite level you can actually watch your opponent (and/or use look at) to see exactly what direction your opponent is traveling and use that to boost the effectiveness of this tactic.

In this example, I used an Inty as the Tackler but in other cases you are likely to encounter tacklers that are less agile than a Interceptor, which makes this much more effective.


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