Gate Crash – Gate Camp Escape Examples

The Gate Crash is one of the most important escape tactics for new pilots to learn. It is the single best way to escape gate camps.

In my EVE Survival, Escape, and Evasion Video I showed why the Gate Crash is you're primary response to a gate camp that you do not want to engage or need to separate before engaging. In the video below you will see me avoiding unwinnable fights, but the same technique can be used to split an enemy fleet into more manageable parts.

For Example: You jump into a gate camp consisting of five enemy ships. You feel confident you could take three of them but unsure if you can fight all five at once. To separate their gang you Crash the Gate and jump back to the other side. While you reapproach you take note of which ships aggroed you and which didn't. If two of their ships didn't aggro and instead jumped with you, you now have a winnable fight that will consist of you first killing the two targets that jumped and then toward the end of those kills (after the 60 second aggro timer) the other three will jump across. This effectively breaks the battle up into a 1vs2 followed by a 1vs3 and increases your odds of winning.

As I mentioned in the example above you should always watch your overview when Gate Crashing and take notice of who aggros and who doesn't. At least 90% of the time all of them will aggro and you will escape easily. Should they have a few pilots hold aggro and cross jump, they have effectively locked the majority of their fleet out of the fight for 60 seconds giving you a great opportunity to get a kill and warp quickly.

A final and very important point is that in Null Sec if you are in a ship that warps cloaked, you are still better off Gate Crashing if their is a bubble. If you try to sneak out of the bubble you're chance of survival drops drastically.

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