Game Mechanics Working As Intended – Loss Video

Usually I don't post my loss videos because that would just be depressing. But it's a fact of solo PVP that no matter what you do you are going to die. AND if you are doing it right you will die often (because you push your self and take risks).

This situation however is just a little absurd.

The reason this is possible is because the game is broken when it comes to Sov and Capitals. You see the Capital Jump Changes that were supposed to hurt the big mega blobs of EVE ended up helping them by making their homes virtually inaccessible by enemy capital fleets.

So while yes, the small guys get dropped a little less often by the big guys, the big guys are at virtually Zero Risk when they field Capitals and Super Capitals.

This is why you see ratting carriers in every other system of Deklien and some other regions. The only real threat to them is from wormholes but even that is very low risk.

The other reason this is so safe is because they have Intel Channels to alert the approach of large fleets and they all have cynos and fuel so that if one gets tackled all jump to that one.

What's fun about ratting with a Carrier with ZERO risk? (other than making 20 Million ISK per 15 minutes while watching Frasier?)

What ever happened to EVE being Dangerous?

This is probably a whole new article but why is EVE becoming such a safe place?

For example, when I roam through Null in a Taranis and jump into a Ice Mining System then instantly warp to the Ice Site, why do they ALWAYS get away before I land or right as I land?

Honestly I haven't caught a Miner in Null in so long I can't remember and even then it was on a Gate.

Without a doubt it is FAR SAFER to mine in Null Sec than High Sec.

But it's not just Mining!

Ratting is safer as well.

EVE Online Needs to be more Dangerous! EVE Needs a Local Delay!

Now this idea isn't new, and god knows Goons would find a way to make it work in their favor. But the Game needs more Danger.

I wonder if noobs still look at Low Sec and Null as scary places like I did when I started? I don't think so.

The timer would be based on Security Status...

  • 0.4 would have a 5 second delay
  • 0.3 a 10 second delay
  • 0.2 a 15 second delay
  • 0.1 a 20 second delay
  • 0.0 a 30 second delay

Finally, high sec should be nerfed enough to make Low Sec and Null more interesting for players.

Didn't mean to rant, but I can't stand this game getting constantly safer. If I wanted safe I would go play something else. I play EVE for excitement.


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