Free Frigate PVP Video Guides

Bullet Time Taranis Fight Break Down

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Real Time Ranis Roam

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Target Isolation Lesson - Comet Fight

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31 thoughts on “Free Frigate PVP Video Guides

  1. thanks abbadon 21 any info u give is a +

  2. oh yes

  3. awesome stuff, abbadon 21, that’s elite rite there

  4. What’s the Taranis fit? Including rigs if you don’t mind tell us.

  5. since watching your first video (a couple days ago) i have made 7 kills.

    my whole fighting style has changed and im no longer afraid to tackle people in large groups with the isolation tactic or attack in a FFA situation.

    i will definitely be buying your pvp guide. it will be the first and last guide i will buy. thanks a ton dude!

    • Very cool!

      It’s great to hear you’re out there getting kills…

      The next video I’m sending out is even cooler than the last two, so don’t miss it.

      • Awesome 2 Videos so far, looking forward to seeing if you show us how you got the Raptor to work!

        Cannot wait for March 1st. I got the ISK pro guide and I am wanting this next one too, cos what’s the point of having tons of ISK without being able to fight properly?

      • i was serious…can i hire you to do a quick voice over? i emailed you but dont know if you got it. it would be from my other account.

  6. can we pre order xD

  7. Newb question…What view are you using in the third video, that allows you to see the ships as they come in?

    • I was using two things to help me see them as they came in…

      1st – was the Tactical Overlay which gives me some ranges and can help in some cases.

      2nd – I went to my Directional Scanner and removed the last number off the distance of the scan. Changing it from 2,147,483,647 to 214,748,364. Doing this changes your directional scan range from 14 AU to 1.4 AU so you can see stuff that is inbound a few seconds before it lands.

      ^Very useful trick

  8. Great videos, The way I play this chractor is race Specific I fly Amarr, are Amarr ships good pvp? I am learning alot thank you so much.

    • Yes, Amarr has some great PVP ships. For Frigates the Punisher is great and then for T2 you are looking at the Slicer, Vengeance, Retribution, and the Sentinel is pretty cool.

  9. I have a gallante tristan what is the proper loadout for this ship?

  10. By the way could you show the loadout in the fitting screen. If there’s a ved

  11. Macorov frensic-eve name

    hi i need alot more kills i aways lose and i own a pvp corp (embassing)

  12. In the video, you had ships and there range on your ship and the range ,How do you do that? I never get range and ships on my scanner.

  13. Sorry, you had ships and range on ship scanner, how ?

    • Directional has them there by default. There’s a chance they are off to the side and you can’t see them. Expand your Directional Scanner window until you see the range and ship type columns.

  14. heya howsit goin awesome vids been looking for stuff like this on noob to eve and really aching to get my first kill which when it happens will probably lead to alot more so im glad i came across your guide…1 thing that isnt out their is a basic core skill point to learn first and minor skill points on thngs to train up for pvp like hull warp stuff name of skills to learn just enough to get a pvpr on his or her way but otherwise yup good vids ill be goin through them and learning wat i can thnx man

  15. hei bigbrather can you give me some pvp videos I am a chinese player I dont know hao to play pvp I always kicked by others players I just feel sad please help me thanks

  16. I was wondering, if you used to have a char called Omega21?

  17. How do I register to the website to log in?

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