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    Was watching one of your videos where you start using pyfa fitting tool…and showed how the sig resolution of different turrents was the same. I checked into it with the pyfa folks and received this response…

    So, quick check on SISI shows that sig res is, in fact, 40,000 for all weapons. Additionally, doing a cursory search on google jogged my memory on how this all works. Signature Radius used to be different for all turrets, but then CCP reworked it for performance gains. I can’t find any hard information on the change, but from what I remember it worked something like this: instead of doing a calculation that involved a guns sig res and tracking speed, CCP simplified it to one variable. When they did this, they modified all the sig radius to 40k, but then adjusted the tracking speed so that the result was asthmatically the same.

    For example, a Dual Anode Light Particle Stream used to have a sig res of 40 and a tracking speed of 0.117 rad/sec. It now has a sig res of 40k and a tracking speed of 117 (I think it’s millirad/sec now). So basically, instead of CCP having to get two attributes from the gun to make the calculation, they have a constant (40,000) and adjusted the tracking to match (in this case, sig res went up x1000, and so did tracking to compensate). The end result is the same, but they save in computing resources.

    Hope that clears it up. Signature Resolution on turrets hasn’t been a thing since circa 2016. 🙂

    Just thought this might be of interest to all.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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