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    Using the kestrel ab kite fit. Question on orbiting. I understand the tracking issue. When testing on a frig buddy just orbiting a can at a base speed of 500, I noticed that when I set my orbit to 6000 per the guide at full ab I would swing almost to 9k on the outbound leg. This is outside scram rang of 7k. If I turn off the ab my orbit is tighter but my speed is way down and probably can now be gun tracked.

    To keep at around 6k, do I really need to set my default orbit to 4K to account for the centrifical forces of full ab? Do I need to keep my ab on at 6k to avoid guns?

    You may have covered this in your videos so I apologize if I missed it.

    By the way, good fight when you killed me the other night, I knew I was too close to where you landed and could hear your voice in my head to get range before being scram me and webbed. LOL! I was burning to get range as I figured you’d hit the same drags bubble I hit. Was ab fit and just couldn’t get far enough fast enough.


    Where did you see a guide for the kestrel at? Sorry, I’ve made so many that I forget making that one.

    If you start from 0m and hit Orbit 6km your ship will first shoot straight out away from what you are orbiting, then turn into an orbit. This means you will likely briefly go outside your scram range.

    If you start around 6km you should maintain it much better. However the centrifugal forces will still push you out further that you set it.

    If FW you correct this by moving off the warp in spot by about 5-7km so the fight starts there. On bubbles you would do the same.

    If you still have trouble scram kiting and keeping point you can reduce the orbit setting or increase your agility with a module or implant.

    You say Scram Range of 7km, I would upgrade your Scram to a Faint Epsilon or if possible a T2 Scram.

    Hope that helps.

    In the fight we had your best bet was to stay out at around 20km if you were pointing me and further if you had a long point inty. However I have a MJD so I can escape at any time in the Myrmidon. The most important thing for you in the Caracal would have been to maintain your ability to disengage by avoiding getting scrammed and webbed.

    That said, it was a bubble and you weren’t camping, you just rushed in, so these things happen. But next time bounce off a Gate Tactical first.

    And not that I want to encourage it, but the best counter to Repping BC with a MJD is a HIC with a focused point. That’s what’s killed me the most in the Myrm.


    Tech one frigate fitting guide PDFs has the kestrel fit I’m using. Got waxed by a hookbill tonight barely scratched him. Had a very close fight with armor reaping Tristan. Working faction sites. Losing ships but learning. Losing the jitters and being able to focus better.

    Will try the modules you recommended.


    Ahh ok I see it now. I would definately try to get a longer range Scram on there. Since I made that guide they shortened the J5b Scram Range.

    Also, the Hookbill is pretty much king of scram kiting so that’s a fight you should avoid unless you are in a long kite (outside 13km).

    Sounds like you’re on the right track, keep at it and let me know if you have questions or want some more fittings for what you’re doing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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