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    Fellow Abbadon devotees, I thought I would pass on how I move expensive loot safely under the noses of suicide pirates in high sec. With the new abyssal gameplay, some small very valuable drops are attainable. For example, I got a 400milion isk skill book drop in a t3 site. I do all my abysal runs in out of the way dead in .9 and 1.0 systems. I have to get my loot to jita to sell from time to time.

    Here is what I did to sneak valuable items to Jita to sell. I am in Pandemic Horde which is war deced constantly by large and small corps. This making travel to and from Jita very risky as a member.

    Create an alpha account that stays in a noob corp.

    Train to fly Atron, a cheap noob ship with a good sized cargo bay

    Train evasive maneuvering to 4 (you align faster to jump)

    Fit it with three small hyperspatial velocity optimiser I’s which increase you warp speed gate to gate. Add three inertial stablizers Is or II to align faster to warp.

    Aad a 5mn micro warp drive in case you need to burn to a gate, station, or need range and transversal.

    Add adaptive invulnerability field to boost your effective hit points in case you need to do so.

    You goal is to look so noobish that nobody will bother to scan you. If they tried, you align so fast you are gone before they can scan you and realize what you are carrying. They are looking for haulers of all types. Not cheap fast noob ships with noob pilots!

    My record run to date in the atron is a 2.1bil cargo over 12 jumps to jita.

    As Abbadon teaches, use their habits against them!

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