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    So I hate to be the only guy on the site that requests stuff, but I figure that if no one else has any burning questions I might as well.

    One of the things I have already started noticing is that my Sec status is taking some hits. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to train in Null-Sec and with the advice from a friend (and fellow Pro Guides member) I am moving towards doing Low-Sec training against miners mostly. So, Sec hits are a thing, and I can see myself not having access to the ‘good’ trade hubs very soon. I know that there are ways to increase your Sec status, but I also know that having a hauler alt is a common method around the need to do so.

    If/When you have time, I think it would be great to have a guide that goes over what skills a hauler alt needs. Some things that might be useful:
    – What skills (and skill levels) does a decent hauler need
    – What ships are good to use for hauling personal amounts of items (not looking to make this a side gig, but that might be a valid path for another aspiring pirate to make some ISK on the side)
    – What are tactics used to keep a hauler safe while traveling through Low/Null Sec
    – Any other tips you have to make hauling easier/more fun

    I know that you typically do PVP guides, but this seems like it can become a pretty valid issue unless you want to stay in Null-Sec or pay to have your Sec status increased often, so I think it would be more in the line of how to be a well rounded PVPer.


    Sorry I forgot to mention that I know you have a video guide on tricks to make it through dangerous areas in a hauler, but it seemed like that might have been a bit higher level than many players might need (maybe not, I have no idea….hence the request) so I figured you might have some lower level tips for lower level haulers.


    Having a Hauler alt is very helpful. The skills are dependent on the ship you want to haul with mostly and can be found with EVEMon.

    The only added skills that will make much difference beyond the ship skills are navigation skills, specifically skills that improve agility so you warp faster.

    At first a Tech 1 basic hauler will do the job but later on if you get more serious you need to look into tech 2 haulers.

    I have a hauling alt with both a cloaky and deep space hauler.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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