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    Way back when I was first learning PVP, I had the revelation that most successful PVP tactics had some means by which to disengage from the fight when things went bad.

    Since things go bad more often than not in EVE Online this results in higher survival rates.

    You stay and win when the fights in your favor and run and live when it’s not in your favor.

    The primary means of Disengaging from a fight are:

    1. High Speed / Kiting – By never getting scrammed or webbed and being faster than most the ships on the field you can escape when needed.

    2. Heavy Tanking – If you can tank the incoming DPS long enough to deaggro you can do your fighting on gates and stations and just jump or dock when things start turning bad.

    3. ECM Drones / ECM Support – Hated by most but still a effective way to escape. Even just a set a ECM Drones can often get you out of trouble.

    The alternative to this is full commitment brawling, which is very fun but your kill/death ratio will be much lower.

    Although in EVE it’s best to try and die than to ship spin.


    Brawlers for Life <3

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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