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That’s exactly why I love the Brutix for PVP, it gives you time and the Hull Tank takes a lot of the micro management away so you can focus on the actual fight and not running your tank perfectly.

I don’t think the cost of T2 rigs is worth it on the T1 Brutix. If you want more ship for more ISK you are better getting a Brutix Navy Issue I think (I didn’t look at the numbers).

HICs are a big problem right now and I’m not sure how to best deal with them when in a BC. I hope they get nerfed but hopes don’t change anything.

I have seen some people put 100mn ABs on BC as a counter to HICs but the PG needed is sure to mess up the fit. The 10mn is a little under powered and since most HICs have webs that means you will only move at 40% your AB speed toward the gate. That’s less than 300m/s overloaded.

I haven’t tried it myself so I can’t say for sure, but I would stick with a MWD I think.