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Had a fight with a svipul and proteus on a gate in null. Was grinding down the svipul but the proteus showed up to help his bud and pounded me pretty hard. He got me before I could pop the svipul. Svipul killed my drones and I didn’t have an ew drones in that build to escape with but I do now.

Do you think the added cost of the t2 rigs are worth it. Huge increase in cost of build. Would take me from a 40 mil or so isk cost to 70 mill isk cost per loss. I’ve built twenty brutix with max hull tank build. Just balking at the t2 rig cost ATM.

Brutix becoming my prefer ship for pvp. The cost/power ration is really good. The build is simple for me to fight. The hp buys me time to think ahead. T1 Frig fights are just so fast I get flustered as I don’t have time to recover from a mistake.

I keep seeing brutix videos of frig and into blobs getting in web/scram range. Damn, where are those guys! I get blobbed by smart people. Lol!

My kill ratio sucks badly but I’m learning….